University Class Support: UNC/NCSU

About half of my clients are math and physics students in introductory physics and calculus classes doing AP or at UNC.  Some of the many mediocre test prep and tutoring services are shockingly expensive, upsell you into large packages and have (supposedly) special materials that will give you amazing abilities on the tests.  The data disputes this click here for more.  Most of my students make huge gains from personal work which is tailored to their weaknesses and building their confidence and clean workflow.  This last aspect is very underemphasized.  As we have moved away from graded homework in HS and to online homework at university, no one is there to show how to cleanly and efficiently do the job of getting these answers well.

Some of math and physics is literally in the patterns you have repeatedly traced with your fingers.  If you have this in you, your brain can be free to check for mistakes and guide the strategy of the work.  Without it, you are praying for the right equation to hop into your head and wondering where they put a “trick” into the problem.  Tricks are to bring down the class mean for teacher benchmarks.  Learning should be done with simple examples with simple numbers to get the concept on its own.  Done this way, you will be amazed how quickly you can learn.

I schedule people for the time they actually need in coffee shops and libraries around CH/Carrboro.  Some of my clients work with a regular fixed time every week but I am very busy with lots of demand and I have no desire to pull you in for more time than you need.  Your success and a love of these subject is half of why I do this.

My qualifications mean I can work with any undergrad physics class being taught at UNC/NCSU and most of the math undergrad classes as well.  I have worked with people prepping for the Putnam exam, AIME tests, in advanced analysis courses, graduate level EM and Quantum Mechanics.

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