Many people in college contact me about first year physics and calculus.  I was a grad student TA at both UNC-CH and NCSU (where I got my Ph.D. in physics) and took many grad courses in the math and physics departments there.  Some of the faculty are still friends of mine.  That said, the first year science classes are large “weeder” classes where the marching orders are to quietly get rid of sometimes 30% of the students for engineering and premed programs.  The teacher might be good or not.  Your TA might speak English (or not).  If you need help I can usually fit college students more easily.  I often help with other classes like linear algebra, formal logic, quantum mechanics or analytical mechanics. CS Majors:  Discrete Math is the killer for many of you so don’t put it off.  Most calls I get are for this.  I know few of you had any number theory, proofs or formal logic.  They usually run you through this all fast.

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