“Cliff helped my son understand many of the concepts introduced in advanced 7th and 8th math.  Over the course of a few months, my son’s grades went from a “D” to “B+”.  I am thrilled — but not because of the improvements in his grades.  I am thrilled because my son is understanding the work better than he ever has.”   – Lee Ann

“Cliff helped me get a grip on what I need to do to pass 8th grade math.  It’s not intimidating to me now.  He showed me that I could do it after all.”  – Joe 

“Cliff is an expert–and compassionate–teacher and coach! He nudges his students beyond the mechanics of problem solving into the more complicated and valuable realm of problem assessing.  What am I being asked to do? What do I already know?  What connections can I make? How can I model what’s happening?  Time with Cliff is time learning to think.  His experience and creativity, along with his kind spirit and quick smile, make him an excellent companion on the road to all things math.  He has helped me immeasurably.  Thanks, Cliff!”  – Jane

“Cliff is hands down the best tutor I’ve ever had, and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had – up there next to my two or three favorite university professors. I myself tutored for many years professionally, and so I know the variety of skills and qualities for which a tutor should strive: Cliff literally has them all. He is so impressively knowledgeable in the fields he tutors, he knows how to communicate ideas intuitively so that you get the core concept first – and the inert facts second: formulas, calculation techniques, etc. We can be deep in the hairy details of a complex equation one moment, and if lose sight of what we’re doing, he can in a flash take us back to the history and significance of some type of equation! Thus, I quickly regain that bigger picture of what it is we are doing. On top of such scholarship, Cliff inspires his students to get excited and share in that innocent curiosity and passion for learning. Studying with Cliff is nothing like the dry and cumbersome drag that so much schooling has become these days: it is a real joy studying with him, and each time I feel more motivated than the last!” – Luke