I have a great love of entrepreneurship and was lucky to be part of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at NC State.  I have a few small products I have been working on.  My team was in the 2014 ACC Clean Energy Challenge with a novel home wind turbine, one that would be the only one with realistic payback time.  We were invited to pitch to two groups of venture capitalists.   Due to the small size of the home wind market I have moved on to a novel solar product and have a small team of programmers and developers and am moving towards our elevator pitch.

The work we are doing here is not public but I am interested in motivated teens with some coding and/or mechanical skills to get in on one of a few projects for a small fraction of the pie.  School clubs are fun but nothing would impress college admissions like starting a business!

Some of my more ambitious friends I have met through the UpWorldy Mobile Inventors Meetup group:

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