AoPS Academy!

Recently I started getting students from a very novel school catering to mathematically driven and motivated kids.  The curriculum was highly problem based and one that built appreciation for the culture and art of mathematics.  I drove over to meet the director in Morrisville, NC and we realized we have a strong overlap in our vision and love of mathematics.  He floated the idea of me taking over as local director but that conflicts with my other entrepreneurial ventures.  We decided to do our best to support each other.

They run two hour classes that have graded homework of only a handful (but very challenging!) problems each week and summer camps.  Since they only are meeting once a week some kids are choosing to meet with me for broader insight and thoughts on these problems.  These are the same people who train the US math olympiad team so expect a high level of work and challenge.  They do have a vigorous and successful online program that is international and so are meeting the needs of not just the most accelerated kids but a broad range of abilities as well.  Most importantly, they are cultivating interest and excitement in math.

I have to say this is the best curriculum I have seen so far but some of it will overwhelm many kids who are doing it with no extra resources.  A lot of math undergrads would struggle with some of these problems.  There are not many people out there who can look at the AMC/AIME problems like they use and have quick and multiple ideas to solve them.  Having spent my life doing math I am unusually qualified to help these special kids pursuing this path.  Please contact me if you want to book some time for this purpose.  I am still meeting kids for individualized instruction that is problem based as well but want everyone to know there is a structured service locally that is also available.

Check out the AoPS website for more information.